The Anatomy of a Masterpiece


A magical workshop in Utah. An opportunity to find and build your genius. Let nothing get in your way of creating a masterpiece in any artistic format in existence. Early bird price increases on Nov. 20th.



This intensive with Joshua and the Dreamwalker foundation is called The Anatomy of a Masterpiece. The five day experience is designed to give attendees not just information, but also a felt experience of what is involved in the creation of a masterpiece.
A masterpiece is a work of art, which is inspired directly by the soul. This means it is spontaneous and congruent for the individual creator, internally and externally. A masterpiece emerges organically and is not crafted through a rational mind. A masterpiece is totally unpredictable and as such, comes across as edgy for both the audience as well as the creator. No two masterpieces are ever created equally because they are always a product of all of the present circumstances, the environmental temperature, and the various themes which are present in that moment.
This workshop will also feature a number of extrasensory tools and activities designed to strengthen the embodied knowledge of the soul and what is involved in masterful creation. This group will also be creating a very unique comedy video as a demonstration of the rules in effect. Attendees to this immersive experience are encouraged to study in advance the Toltec terminologies in order to be sufficiently prepared.
Lectures and topics we will get into the mechanics of creation. Specific movement practices will be included, and the sacred body will be tapped into. Very deep old and dead energies will be identified and purged from the body, and new living in energies will replace them.
This event and the Toltec teachings are a part of the lightning path which is an ancient approach that both honors the oneness of unity consciousness as well as the magic and manifestation of the individual creator simultaneously. This event itself is going to be a work of art and there exists nothing else quite like it.
The Quantum Theater the modality created by Joshua will be utilized and taught at the event as well. The Quantum Theater is a form of Active Dreaming that uses the Toltec principles. Attendees will come away from the event not only with a new set of tools in their toolbox but also real permanent access to more real realities and more connection with their own soul treasures.

This immersive experience will dig deeply under your skin. You will experience the destruction of many limitations.

Almost a week together in Utah, we will explore the issue of creativity in ways which have never been done before.

You’ll experience life from a totally new and much more effective lens.

The ordinary world will appear as trivial circumstances, while you surf creativity in higher dimensions and learn to create true art in the realm of the non-ordinary.

By living within the non-ordinary, your experience in the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Existing in this way makes everything you touch into a masterpiece. Nothing you work on can escape your genius.

This requires an inhuman sort of confidence. You will be tapping into abilities most people will never know.

Prepare to leave your world behind – your new world is one of your own design.

You are becoming the cause instead of the effect.

Your life IS the Masterpiece.

Reach out if you have any questions.

Join us! I look forward to seeing you there.

6pm, Dec. 7th  – 3pm, Dec 12th.



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