What and Who

are these performances for?

We all get "stuck" sometimes. Unable to see beyond our own nose. Our perception becomes stagnant. Creativity appears to have come to a halt. It's almost as if we need a magic spell.

There's no time to read books and learn all about the issue intellectually. A solution is needed, and now.

Dark Lightning Performances will give you a magical shift, at just the right time.

How do I make the most of these performances?

Watch and feel. Don't try to make sense of it with your mind. These experiences work on archetypal energy. The deepest and darkest layers of human consciousness. Sometimes it's shocking. Sometimes it's hilarious. Sometimes it's riveting. Sometime it will test you.

If you're experiencing a performance live, just sit in the space and take it in. Stay focused and breathe. If you're watching a recording, watch with no distractions. Watch all at once. Perhaps light a candle in the space.

About The Quantum Theater

The Quantum Theater is an Immersive Role-Playing format designed to shift a person's consciousness (as a participant or an audience member) into a higher octave - a greater intelligence, and a state of being with more awareness.

About the

Cult Leader Training Academy

The Cult Leader Training provides executive teams with the in depth understanding of how the Dark Lightning Sessions can make the enormous impact that they do. Through this 7-month training program leaders can tune into the esoteric arts in a whole new way.


About Joshua and True Participation

Joshua Edjida, the Creator of The Quantum Theater modality, is the lead facilitator and Storyweaver of the Dark Lightning Sessions. His new book "Storytelling Wizardry" goes into detail about this process. True Participation is his transformational immersive storytelling company.  We create transformational story-driven experiences powered by the Toltec Knowledge. 

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