A Quantum Theater Experience by True Participation


An 8-Episode Couples Expression Training Course

[Includes 2 Personalized Zoom sessions]

The purpose is to integrate consciousness (Dark Lightning) into the cells of your body. 

In Toltec terms, the flyers have created panic and resistance and crisis in the body forcing the body to surrender to the resulting emotions rather than submitting to consciousness as a sovereign being. 

This experience is not for the faint of heart, you will be deeply challenged and the process will be highly effective.

A certain amount of self-study will be required to learn how the shadows of the nervous system are dominating the mind and behavior. If you want to get started in this right away I always ask my students to read the Theun Mares book called "Return of the Warriors".

Over these 10 weeks there will be 4  collaborative Dark Lightning Pattern Interrupt Performance meetings included in each package.

The packages for the course come in small and large.  The 10 weeks of the course Includes 10 Episodes of Video Guidance (time may extend past 10 weeks).

Also included is a access to private Telegram group chat for anyone who takes this course at any time (you get voicemail support during your weeks of the group, and you remain in the group where others will receive voicemail support too), 10 weekly videos, and the small (8 sessions) or large (13 sessions) package options with Joshua.

3 month payment plans are available if needed. Payable by credit card, Paypal, Zelle, Cashapp, etc.

This course will have its own private discussion group on Telegram for questions and answers.

Episodes will be prepared and recorded weekly from March 1st 2024.

The Couples version has 2 additional episodes compared to the individual version of the Strike Dark Lightning Course. All episodes are delivered through the True Participation Courses platform - please make an account here.

The 8-Episode Course [+ 2 Sessions] for couples is $765 USD

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