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Every week we will deliver a new performance. You can pick a day of the week, or just keep it flexible and make sure sometime during the week you deliver.

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Audience Members get access to the weekly Dark Lightning performance as it is released in the Private Telegram Channel. Once you subscribe, make sure we are connected to you on Telegram so we can add you to the Dark Lightning Performances Channel.


There is no guarantee that weekly video session will be available beyond that week - they may disappear into the archives, to be replaced by news weekly performances videos.

Each performance corresponds with and "detoxes" the collective energetics currently happening in that particular week. Audience members also get access to every performance created by all Dark Lightning Participants (including, but not limited to Joshua's weekly performance). 

For those who are not ready for this level of commitment, we are also have to a no-cost Telegram community group (Dreamwalker Foundation) for those interested in learning about the Toltec Knowledge. This is a great place to begin if you are not yet ready to become a full member just yet. Inquire.


Participants get access not only to the Audience Telegram Channel, but also to a private Dark Lightning Mastermind discussion group which dives deeper in further support and discussion from Joshua and other participants.


Participants also get the opportunity to contribute their own weekly Dark Lightning performances to both the Telegram Audience Channel and the Telegram Group where they can receive feedback on their submissions. This process exposes you to the powerful energetics of the group field. This will increase your personal capacity and in doing so you will to have a more powerful stage presentation.

The Dark Lightning Telegram mastermind discussion group is a Toltec Knowledge oriented discussion providing coaching, theory, and energetics behind each performance.

Monthly Participant Subscribers also benefit from a 20% discount on archived performances and all True Participation courses, such as the Storyweaving course, the Quantum Theater Facilitator training course, The Dreamer and the Dream Awakening Course, and any other course which shows up there.


THE 10-Week Video and Performance Demonstraiton Course

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1-2 weeks at a time in Joshua's home in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

$6K Weekly.

Here you will get real world immersive experience assisting the creation of genius. Together we will produce the weekly Dark Lightning events both online and potentially in-person performance opportunities happening for live audiences in Santa Fe. Immersion retreats include opportunities to create your own Dark Lightning Performance in front of a crowd (or work your way up to doing so). This can look like storytelling, stand up comedy, silent dance and movement, or any other type of on-stage performance.

Couples version available as well [Inquire]


A 4-8 Months Mastermind Engagement with our whole team and your executive team.

$70K-$200K (Customized per your needs).

Our most high end intensive opportunity. Includes an ongoing arrangement for "Come and Go as you please rights" of an ongoing Immersion retreat as defined above.

At the highest end, we come to you and work with your team and yourself in cultivating a truly powerful orientation to power, Intent, Will, and awareness magic.

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The Quantum Theater is an Immersive Role-Playing format designed to shift a person's consciousness (as a participant or an audience member) into a higher octave - a greater intelligence, and a state of being with more awareness.

Joshua and True Participation

Joshua Edjida, the Creator of The Quantum Theater modality, is the lead facilitator and Storyweaver of the Dark Lightning Sessions. His new book "Storytelling Wizardry" goes into detail about this process. True Participation is his transformational immersive storytelling company.  We create transformational story-driven experiences powered by the Toltec Knowledge. 

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