Cult Leader Training Academy

We are all in some kind of cult. Cult means culture. Whether it's organized religion, a certain type of medical system, certain legal systems.

The more distorted our cult's culture, the less  native it is to our natural human biocomputer system. Biomimicry, deep Seeing, physical health, emotional health. spiritual alignment create significantly different results in any industry. Real fulfillment becomes possible.

The Cult Leader Training Academy is a 4-8 month VIP experience for leaders who are ready to disrupt their business assumptions, and communication patterns, self-images, and unnecessary limitations on reality. 

Mastermind: $70K-$200K (Customized per your needs)

Our most high end intensive opportunity. Includes an ongoing arrangement for "Come and Go as you please rights" of an ongoing Immersion retreat as defined above.

At the highest end, we come to you and work with your team and yourself in cultivating a truly powerful orientation to power, Intent, Will, and awareness magic.