Truth Dojo Presents

Reignite Your Creativity and Play:

A Free Webinar

Reignite Your Creativity and Play:
A Free Webinar

You are invited to join Katie in an interactive "choose your own adventure" webinar that will lead you through overcoming blocks, rediscovering your desires, and connecting to your authentic, juicy creative flow. 

with Katie Barbaro

Occupational Therapist

(and Creativity Enthusiast)

Let's Restore Our Creativity Together! 

  • Evaluate your current creative flow

  • Discover you blocks, and what causes them

  • Get much needed encouragement

  • Try some opening exercises

  • Get to know a uniquely positioned therapist/comedian

  • Have fun!

Recent Client

"I watched the Creative Spark webinar last night. It was sooooo wonderful and helpful.  I even signed up for the 6-week course!" 

About Katie


Katie is an artist, comedian, and occupational therapist passionate about following her own creative spark and helping others do the same. Inspired by a multitude of powerhouse creators who came before her, she has devoted her life to uncovering and discovering what is new and true inside of herself. 

     Katie recently completed her first book entitled "Fed Up: An Illustrated Guide to Food Freedom, ” in which she divulges her experiences recovering from disordered eating and discovers her struggles to be portal into greater presence and creative flow. She shines a light on the messy parts of her life to break free of the silent shackles of shame and loves to invite others to do the same.

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