Learn to Make decisions. Build Your True Will. Cut through the mess of confusion. Become the artist of your life.

When you operate from yourTrue Will,
Life actually works

The topic of embodying your true will can be a mysterious, convoluted, and controversial topic. Some might wonder,

“How can you know if you’re operating from your will or not?”


“How can you know what the true will is?”

It these kinds of questions miss the point, because the process is the purification of the will over a period of time. We work by a refining, pruning process. We are cutting out everything which we know is NOT the true will, and you’ll get to see what’s left.

This is playing the long game in order to cultivate something which is truly a feat of humanity. There is no pre-prescribed will which we suggest or convey through our offerings. We do not want you to dependent on anyone, including our academy.

We offer unique experiences and frameworks of understanding, facilitated for you, in order to help you differentiate between the false will and the true will. Your ability to differentiate is what is actually being taught and we do this through several different systems which include the Enneagram, Jungian archetypes, Toltec knowledge, and we use theater as one of our main tools to live and experience.

Theater is especially useful in experiencing the various roles of the small self to become conscious of those personas and habits. This helps us to differentiate in order to operate from the true, authentic, spontaneous genius of the big self.  This is the path of the infinite.

When we try to create our lives from the small self and we are not acting from the space of the true will we experience pain. That pain is probably why you are here right now. For many people in pain, nothing seems to work and we just keep running into dead ends. We get stuck in evaluating our tactics and replacing them with new tactics without actually learning how to operate from the True Will. Humanity has actually gotten really good at making mechanical tactics effective and this can make it even more difficult to identify the small self – most people need to totally revamp their lives.

Operating from the big self means we might have to sacrifice some tactics that actually workif they are actually not in integrity. This process has to happen more and more deeply and in every area of life.

In the true will Academy we take your progress various very seriously. If you reach the limits of how we’re able to help you we will then pass you on to our more advanced teacher. Then you can go you as far as you want to go in this lifetime. So, look through our areas of expertise, and check out our free intro course. We’ll help you to bring more power and intent into your life in very unique ways. Enjoy

Public Speaking From Timid ➞ to Monstrous

Parenting From Begging ➞ to Respected

Work From Frustrated ➞ to Fabulous

Love From Attached ➞ to Free

Creativity From Trying ➞ to Effortless

Self-Image From Self-Sabotage  ➞ to Magician

All of our work is based on the Toltec Knowledge, Enneagram system, Jungian archetypes, and The Quantum Theater.
More info on these can be found below.

Who is theTWA for?

Text about who is a Toltec Warrior-to-be

Is this relevant to me?

If you’ve gone through all the spiritual teachings and it’s not actually making a difference, this is for you.

If you are not looking to build yourself into a whole new type of being, this is not for you.

More, soon

Begin here, with our complimentary intro course, as a segway into the more advanced topics below.


We will take you on the ride of your life, and then for our more advanced students you will become eligible to work your way up the lineage and access the more advanced teachers. Toltec knowledge, as you’ll find in our courses, is intended to be very practical and to move you toward who you really are. it’s not ABOUT the results, but the results also tend to be quite extraordinary. No Cost.


Dreamwalking and Dark Comedy

For authors and screenwriters



The Woman Translator Course -Men don’t understand at least half of what women say. This is directed at men, but women can enjoy this course also. Strike/2, the couples version, can be used creatively however the couple would like to interact in videos together or parallel independent videos, etc.

An Ancient Lineage The True Will Academy is designed to give you access to the ancient Toltec Knowledge. This is not for everyone, this is for the few who are willing to experience radical shifts from everyday ordinary reality.

Discover the lineage on the Lightning Path of the Infinite, and related resources:

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Joshua Edjida, the Creator of The Quantum Theater modality, is the lead facilitator and Storyweaver of the Dark Lightning Sessions. His new book “Storytelling Wizardry” goes into detail about this process. True Participation is his transformational immersive storytelling company. We create transformational story-driven experiences powered by the Toltec Knowledge.
The Quantum Theater is an Immersive Role-Playing format designed to shift a person’s consciousness (as a participant or an audience member) into a higher octave – a greater intelligence, and a state of being with more awareness.

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