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True Participation Studio features an array of unique services, not found anywhere else on Earth.

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Things Happen Fast Here

This is not Transformation as it used to be. The is what could be called "expedient means".  Our rapid growth tools are unmatched for creating wildly original content. Your audience will be changed forever.

Transforming Show Biz

Someone's got to take on the current state of the entertainment industry. It's time for us as as species to deeply investigate the unbridled stupidity of modern storytelling. Let's just say, there is plenty of room for growth.

Alignment with Nature

By tapping into ancient frameworks and modern technologies, we are able to accomplish experiences never before possible on this planet. Nature created humanity, and humanity created entertainment.

Bridging Online and Offline

Our projects, processes, and products take place both online and in person. This means enormous possibilities for both scalability and the ability to provide a wide range of services and facilities.

Nurturing the Influencers

We believe that stories are the most influential aspect of humanity.

We grow up to stories that shape our worldviews and our psyche.

If our storytellers are suffering, our people are suffering.

It takes a village to bring the entertainment industry into the modern era.

Pioneering New Technologies

This is a place where new ideas can be explored and refined.

New ways of thinking, feeling, and being can be paired with cutting edge technologies. Experiments never before seen can be tested and stories can be lived and experienced fully.

Facilitator of The Quantum Theater

Joshua is an expert in Transformational Storytelling.

A decade after creating The Quantum Theater transformational modality,

he is honored to be the lead facilitator at Storyweaving which utilizes the QT as one of the steps in the process. 

Joshua Edjida

Lead Storyweaver

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