Psychic Skills Intensive with 3rd Eye Activation and Integration Session



Psychic Skill Set Intensive + 3rd Eye Activation + Integration Session

With Hilmar Rafnsson


Unlock Your Intuitive Abilities


In this two-weekend course, you will learn advanced strategies for

  • Connecting to multiple dimensions
  • Increasing energetic sensitivity
  • Reading energy through individually designed experiences
  • Practical tools for self-guided psychic skill development


Course Times:

Feb 6th (Sat) 7-9pm CET (10am-12pm PST) Pre-Recorded Lectures begin. Watch together or on your own.


Feb 7th (Sun) 6-9pm CET (10am-12pm PST): LIVE intensive psychic abilities course on Zoom (recordings available), followed by a Golden Heart Transmission experience.

-Feb 8-12: schedule a 1-hour individualized experience in which you will apply practical knowledge through an experience of reading another person’s energy [30 minutes per person, including live feedback and guidance from Hilmar]

Feb 14th, 6-9pm CET: LIVE follow up discussion with Hilmar including Q&A, insights from practical experiences, and exercises to continue developing psychic abilities in the future.

For those who would like to continue the journey with us, optionally enroll in another 1 hour Golden Heart Transmission immediately following the event (8pm-9pm).


You will learn

  • How to tap into the energy field of others (when given permission)
  • Practical steps for opening the third eye
  • How to utilize tools such as crystals, meditation, and visualization for personal growth
  • How to re-activate your natural psychic abilities
  • How to tap into past/parallel lives and seeing others through that lens


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