The Beginning

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True Participation is born!

Where did it come from, you’re wondering? Do tell?

Okay then – gather ‘around!

Joana and Joshua, best friends and lovers, were living in Los Angeles and Santa Cruz (respectively). They both offered to move to be with one another, and decided it would be best to begin living together on neutral territory.

They chose to convene at a Theosophical camp for the summer of 2014.

Joshua, a filmmaker (and technologist by nature), had great difficulty in performing his new professional cleaning duties. Still, he powered through his training and learned to enjoy even the filthiest of tasks. It was True Participation!

Joana was thrust into a professional cheffing environment, in which she had highlights of cooking for 40 people, making mono-color dinners, and befriending many of the program participants. It was True Participation!

As their experiences winded down, and they returned to civilization, they put their newfound skill hacking to work. Joshua’s transmedia agency, Beach Monster, became the colorful and focused organization you have in front of you.

We hope to bring you much warmth this winter, and are looking forward to participating with you soon.

Joshua and Joana

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Joshua Falcon-Grey

Co-Founder/Program Director and Creativity Leadership Trainer at True Participation
Joshua is a filmmaker and artist creating new ways in which story and technology can be combined toward healing experiences for a better world. He enjoys public/comedic speaking as well as providing personal, business branding, and relationship coaching. More info can be found on his personal site.

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