Peeling Back Layers: The Human Onion

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Self discovery can be likened to the layers of an onion, each layer containing valuable information about the emotional healing that has to be addressed in order to reveal  your true nature, that which lies in absolute Love. When we heal one layer, another surfaces, the pain that lies underneath is a  juicy layer that we’ve yet to discover and understand…our happiness awaits us within, if we take a close look at the internal abyss.

Our wounds can be many and if gone unattended these wounds sink into our being,  integrate into our psyche and compound themselves on one another. Yet, we are only aware of  them when we have an intense emotional reaction to any event that may bring up feelings of great discomfort: such as anger, sadness, fear, or grief.


What a blessing these emotional triggers are!  When we experience this very real guiding signal, we are presented with the  opportunity to face the wound and heal the part of ourselves that is in pain.

Do you ever feel sadness, anger, grief? Where in your body do you feel this pain? Is your stomach all twisted up? Are you weak in the knees…your palms sweaty? This is your body’s clever way of showing you your emotional self.

Our bodies are wonderful tools for helping us understand what really is going on when our mind is off on a tangent. When we feel discomfort we can listen to our emotional guidance system via our bodies.The onioney layers of ourselves reveal the pain that yearns to be healed by our full attention.

Darkness cannot exist in the presence of light. It’s darkness that teaches us the beauty of light.

My personal unraveling has felt like a never-ending maze at times.  Wound after wound after wound, when does it stop? Following this maze has revealed many personal hells, each reminiscent of times in my history where I’ve felt misunderstood, fearful, stupid, jealous, worthless.  Every time I am taken there it feels like Groundhog Day, like a stage in a game that I can’t seem to get through.  There are even times when I go through levels and come out the other side, only to later find myself in the same stage of the game that I thought I had already overcome.  Really?!

Our highest self knows that life is thorough this way. Challenges keep presenting themselves  until we accept and release our patterns. Succumbing to life’s many winds limits opportunity. But before we judge ourselves for caving into the pressure, let’s find new ways to bring compassion into our lives. It takes trial and error to build up new skills, and facing our darkness really is the only way to peel away those layers.

Watch for my next post with tips on how to maneuver through the layers 😉

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Joana Ayala

Co-Founder/Soundscape Director at True Participation
Joana is a zealous life-liver, an artist, and humanitarian. She derives much inspiration from self-reflection, a passion of hers that has yet to cease.
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