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True Participation is the company for making Personal Development FUN!

True Participation was conceived from the idea that transformation and engagement go hand in hand. In this way, our programs and events offer solutions that are illuminating, exploratory, and entertaining- designed with your seeking spirit in mind. 


We believe that personally achieving a feeling of greatness is the strongest influence one can have on the world, and when we can help one person on their way to feeling their true power, then we all win.

And now, The Team: 

Emily: Public Outreach Coordinator  |  Maga: Soundscape Director   |  Joshua: Program Director

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Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 11.10.12 AMMaga J. Ayala
Co-Founder / Soundscape Director

I have an eye for beauty, I understand what moves and soothes people. This is easily one of my most known super powers.

As Co-founder and Soundscape Director of True Participation, I oversee all final design of public content as well as develop compelling, creative, and user-focused soundscape experiences and points of view that align with our vision.

My professional life spans many worlds, I’ve acquired myriad of skills and experience in the creative industry in specialized fields ranging from film and print-work to styling and fashion design. Starting out as a freelance makeup artist in LA early 2011, I went on to style and art direct later that year for the fashion house, Bohemian Society until 2013. All the while, also developing performance art and modeling portfolios.

My life took a fortunate turn (although, I didn’t know it then) in late 2013 leading me to follow the inner journey. It was then that I realized that a correct relationship with oneself is primary, for from it flows all possible right relationships with others and with the Divine.

I spent some time living an working off-the-grid in the Sequoia forest where, I reconnected with myself in nature, connected with others and listened closely to where my heart wanted to lead me next.  Joshua and I were inspired by our audacity to take a dive into the unknown together, it was in this truly participatory spirit that True Participation born.

In my experience the path of self-exploration is challenging yet equally rewarding, if I can help anyone realize that self-discovery can be engaging, immersive and FUN then I am a happy woman.

Personal Transformation: From the silent child to the singing wonder!




Joshua Falcon-Greycropped_circle

Co-Founder / Program Director

First, I was fascinated by story. Story is always the technology which helps us make sense of the world around us. Our brains are wired for story. I watched “The Matrix” and instantly felt the desire to tell my own stories, and so I became a filmmaker.

I have the mind and genes of an engineer. I loved reverse engineering stories to the point of seeing the deeper underlying functions that spark human desires and emotions. It turned out that story is comprised of many different building blocks. All for the purpose of freedom from restriction, and nurturing of ourselves and each other. I became interested in personal development and self-realization.

Applying my mind and interests, I began to work in technology. The world of software development is profoundly powerful, as it deeply represents the unlimited capacity of the software which powers our own bodies and allows us to make decisions and create change in the world.

My passion has culminated into facilitating leadership empowerment in everyone I meet. I have an intention to surround myself with and foster confident and powerful leaders using story, self-inquiry, and technology.

As long as I’ve searched for my path, I’ve been repeatedly told that “service is joy”. This was initially so difficult to believe, but when I had the opportunity to truly experience it I was sold. Being of value to others, and taking accountability for oneself is true freedom. I now do my very best to bring my greatest gifts to every situation. “With great power comes great responsibility!”.

My personal website is

 Personal Transformation: From angry and confused, to creative and appreciative.



Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 11.10.24 AMEmily Pudalov
Public Outreach Coordinator

A keen observer of both people and environments, I have always been able to cut to the heart of problems with compassion, wisdom, and a quirky sense of humor.

I began working in the world of nonprofit fundraising and public relations in Los Angeles in 2007, but the call of creativity led me to go abroad to Poland, where I started my own English teaching and translation editing business, recorded my first EP with my band FALA, and started on the path to discover my career mission.

I have always enjoyed hosting travelers, and a chance meeting with Joshua led to a long friendship spanning personal changes and changing continents, eventually leading to an equally rewarding friendship with Maga and our partnership on True Participation.

As Public Outreach Coordinator, I oversee all aspects of interfacing with the public on our current projects. This role allows me to draw upon my past experiences in writing, fundraising, editing, public speaking, and public relations.

The opportunity to contribute to this organization came out of my own experiments with effortlessly allowing and trusting after years of “trying to find a job”; I am thrilled to share this experience of creativity with countless others through my work here.

 Personal Transformation: From fearful and conflicted, to confident and embracing.