A typical brain with the left side depicting an analytical, structured and logical mind, and the right side depicting a scattereOne of the most destructive explanations one may ever hear is “because that’s just how we do things”.

We define Creativity Empowerment as the “Ability to see more options”. This is important for a number of reasons. By allowing ourselves to see more options, we are actually seeing more of ourselves. As our personal bandwidth increases, those around us can sense the power of our presence to increase, as well as the overall scope of our lives.

In this way, Creativity Empowerment is true healing. We are healing from the concept that we are ‘small’ or ‘incapable’. We are healing from the idea that we must do things the old way, and that the pioneers have already come and gone.

As we see more options in our lives, we realize all the ways in which our beliefs have been causing us to sabotage ourselves. In this new age, we are able to empower each other toward a healthier sense of self, and the greatly expanded options that come with it.

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