About the Project

The 26 Threads Audience Empowerment Project helps media creators to catalyze positive change in their audience members. Until now, there has been little to no way to evaluate projects for their benefit to society. Television programs are routinely creating zombies instead of activating our greatest potential. It’s time for change.

26 Threads is based on the natural “Operating System” of humans – the very software powering our DNA. By acknowledging the basic needs of all humans, we are able to instill greater values into the media the we create and consume.

Based on Jungian Archetypes, Creativity Theory, Chinese Energetics, and Psychological Shadow Work – 26 Threads blends the parts of our innate programming into a unified system in order to better understand our internal narrative.

The Future

Upcoming Programs include various types of media, live events, software, and even an API for developers.

Thank you for choosing us toward your DNA expansion goals.

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