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biorefelct-leadership-logo-transparentWe were not born into a blank slate. We were born into a complicated world with lots of existing momentum.

We have a lot of control over what we believe and where we focus our attention, but we do not have control over the way the world is right now at this moment. When we can accept this, it becomes much easier to focus our attention on how we can make the world a place which feels more like home to us. When we start creating and stop reacting, real magic comes about.

If we were born into a blank slate, it wouldn’t be blank for long. We would experiment, and create chaos, and then have to clean it up. So, the first part of the job is already done for us. Experiments are abundant. Chaos has been here for some time. Now we are tasked with the creative opportunity to devise solutions. What gift will you offer?

After asking myself this very question, I realized that my personal gift is in systems design, specifically relating to how creativity works and how to teach others to unlock deeper creative abilities. Many people think that creativity cannot be taught. These people haven’t yet experienced Meet Your BioReflection: Creative Leadership Game.

MYBR employs the use of BioFeedback brainwave readers, this role playing adventure game gives ones the joy of embodying the colorful spectrum of your best and worst qualities; liberating one from unspoken agreements you may have with yourself that are keeping you from reaching your goals. We spend so much of our life overthinking our actions and acting as we ‘should’ that we are driven into a state of completely forgetting who we really are. In MYBR we encourage players to move back toward a natural state of expression.

I’d like to offer a history of the development of this project. It incorporates several important aspects of my life – Games, Story, Technology, Self-Discovery, and Live Events.

Games: Bringing out our inner competitive nature can get us excited in a way that rarely shows itself otherwise. The act of playing has always been a goI’ve always looked back on these fondly and when considering what to do with my time – play games is a big yes!

Cinema: The magical powers of the cinematic world can take us away into totally unexpected and uncharted territories. I’ve actually found that I’ve been subconsciously programmed by much of the television and movies I was exposed to, and so it’s become very interesting to me to take back that medium for the good of mankind. A previous blog touches on this topic here.

Technology: Much of my time growing up was spent in front of a computer screen. I was so fascinated by all of the possibilities that could be brought out of this machine. From making and recording music, to communicating with strangers, making videos, researching knowledge. Most of all, though, I was unknowingly training myself in analyzing and creating systems.

Self-Discovery: Applying my systems skills to myself began throttling up when I started realizing that my life was falling apart after a breakup in 2009. Determined to understand (which is a helpful notion at first), I started a mission of becoming my true self. This eventually led me to discover the role playing exercises that have made their way into the game today.

Public Speaking/Live Events: One day, when living in Santa Cruz, I imagined myself as a public speaker. I imagined I could be great at it. Shortly after, I was speaking to a group of 40 people and getting a wonderful response, feeling seen in a way that I had never really been seen before.

As a mashup of all these various worlds, “Meet Your BioReflection: Creative Leadership Game” is a blast to experience and will only become more poignant and streamlined with time. I’ve never seen anything like it before. I encourage all who are looking to see deeper into themselves to give it a try, it works to automatically show us what’s really going on in our subconscious – if we allow it.

Make sure to RSVP to the Facebook Event or the Meetup Event. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Joshua Falcon-Grey

Co-Founder/Program Director and Creativity Leadership Trainer at True Participation
Joshua is a filmmaker and artist creating new ways in which story and technology can be combined toward healing experiences for a better world. He enjoys public/comedic speaking as well as providing personal, business branding, and relationship coaching. More info can be found on his personal site.

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