5 Ways To Be In Touch With Your Emotions

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Living day to day in our modern world can sometimes be stressful, gotta take the kids to school, gotta call the plumber, gotta pay the bills, who has time for emotions?
It may sound like a stretch, but if emotions are the waves our ship is sailing upon, it’s best to know how to navigate the waters.

Here are some simple ways on how you can do just that:

1. Take note of your Reactions-

While in conversation, what prompts you to react in a specific manner?  What makes you mad, sad, happy, excited? Do you raise your voice when you get angry or “triggered” in some way?  Do you talk very fast when you’re excited? Any noticeable reaction you can observe is a tell tale marker of an emotion running through.

2. Listen to your mind’s chatter

Your internal dialogue can take you anywhere, following your thoughts can feel like jumping from vine to vine on an ever spinning carousel. You’re not alone,  we’ve all got monkey minds.  Use caution when swinging vine to vine on a negative trip, seeing that lead to vicious cycles negativity. One effective loop hole in dealing with such patterns by releasing  all identification with the thoughts that are running through your mind. Listening to your thoughts objectively while caught in a reactionary mode, especially when angry, may be difficult to remember to do when you’re caught in “the zone” but can prove to be very effective and insightful.

3. Observe your body’s Sensations

When an emotions runs its course through our system it not only affects our mental processes but our physical system as well. How does your body feel when you get angry? Sad? Overjoyed? What specific part in your body is affected the most when you experience said feelings? Does it feel tingly, cold, hot, numb, tense?  Paying close attention to our body’s reaction can be a helpful tool in uncovering the emotion behind the sensation.

Many times we can convince ourselves and others by saying that we feel one way but actually mean another, our body on the other hand, never lies.

Something that has been helping me move through overwhelming bodily sensations while feeling emotional is placing my hand over the affected area. The next time you feel your body react to an emotion, say in your stomach, place your hand over your stomach and remember to breath deeply into and through the feeling.  Simply by drawing our attention to this area we are able to accept and then ultimately help diffuse the overwhelming sensations one is experiencing.


4. Accept your Emotions as they are

Probably the most misunderstood concept of emotional health is that it’s really OK to feel the way that you feel.  Even if it’s something you consider nasty, such as rage, depression, or worthlessness. It is what is it. Oftentimes we’ve been taught to disown our own feelings because there are certain settings, and environments where our feelings are “not welcome” or perhaps it’s our own perceived limitations that hinder us from expressing them. Whatever the case may be, it is important to understand that what you feel is valid. Even during an uncomfortable or confusing feeling, it can only exist because it is totally appropriate for you at that moment. 

5. If you want to feel better, take Responsibility

It is important to recognize that while our feelings may be “triggered” by the actions of others, they are not caused by what anybody says or does.  Taking responsibility for our own emotions can be the hardest thing to do, all the while being the most rewarding part of the emotional process. Whenever we blame another for our emotions we are essentially giving our power away, and letting our own happiness be dictated by external surroundings.  This is self-destruction at its finest. When we take responsibility, we stop abandoning ourselves. Then, we’re more likely to able to inquire with ourselves about what causes these emotions to rise and fall – thus gaining a clearer understanding of creating internal happiness.

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Joana Ayala

Co-Founder/Soundscape Director at True Participation
Joana is a zealous life-liver, an artist, and humanitarian. She derives much inspiration from self-reflection, a passion of hers that has yet to cease.
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